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Dayton, OH, USA

Ohio is experiencing a craft beer Rennaissance. By many accounts, since 2011 the number of craft beer breweries in the state has increased nearly six-fold. In 2011 there were less than 50 craft breweries in the whole state. Today, there are at least that many in Columbus alone.

But Ohio is not just a craft beer mecca. The state has seen a boom in craft spirits – from vodka to gin to whiskey. Numerous bourbon bars have sprouted up, and the craft cocktail movement is alive and well in Ohio. And if your tastes lean into the non-alcoholic realm, Ohio has a bevy of local coffee roasters, juicers, and soda options. Read on for our insider's guide to imbibing the best Ohio has to offer.


• Warped Wing Brewing Company: Dayton, Ohio

Distance from Jackson Center: 56 miles/1 hour

An hour south of Jackson Center on Interstate 75 lies Dayton, Ohio. An industrial town founded in 1796, Dayton boasts a history of innovation not limited to its most famous sons, The Wright Brothers. Warped Wing Brewery seeks to continue the city's innovation history by crafting delicious and adventurous beers. Their name and logo pay homage to the Wright Brothers' "wing warping" invention that helped get their aircraft aloft. While you can locate Warped Wing beers in many Ohio groceries and gas stations, it's worth the trip to their Dayton location in a historic industrial warehouse.

• The Growler Station at Karoc Marathon: Sidney, Ohio

Distance from Jackson Center: 15 miles/20 minutes

A gas station might not be the first place you think of when asked where to find the best craft beer. But just a mile or two off I75 in Sidney, Ohio is one of the best places to fill a growler or grab a six-pack. Check their website for their current growler-fill options.

• The Wooden Shoe: Minster, Ohio

Distance from Jackson Center: 20 miles/26 minutes

Ohio has a long history of German heritage. Many of the first settlers in the Buckeye State were German immigrants, and they named their new settlements after towns in their homeland. Minster's namesake is the German town of Munster, and today they honor that heritage with an epic Octoberfest celebration. Outside of October, though, you can pop in for an authentic German beer on tap.

• Moeller Brew Barn: Maria Stein, Ohio

Distance from Jackson Center: 25 miles/33 minutes

Quickly becoming one of Ohio's most popular breweries, Moeller Brew Barn has a tasting room where you can sample any of their beers on tap, enjoy a pint, and – when you decide which is your favorite – fill a growler to go.

Wine & Spirits

• The Century Bar: Dayton, Ohio

Distance from Jackson Center: 57 miles/55 minutes

If bourbon is your thing, a trip to Dayton's Century Bar is sure to impress. With super-knowledgable (and – importantly – unpretentious) bartenders who will guide your experience and craft cocktails drawn from the Jazz era playbook, the Century Bar features just about every bourbon available in Ohio. And the ornate backbar is a sight to behold. Just make sure you load the Lyft app on your phone before you head home...

• Indian Creek Distillery: New Carlisle, Ohio

Distance from Jackson Center: 38 miles/48 minutes

Tucked away in a historic mill in the rolling, forested hills of Elizabeth Township is Indian Creek Distillery. Drawing on a centuries-old family recipe, Indian Creek distills frontier whiskey in vintage copper kettles. The country scenery on the way is worth the drive. Call ahead to schedule a visit.

• Belle of Dayton/Van Buren Room

Distance from Jackson Center: 57 miles/55 minutes

Belle of Dayton distills several spirits, including excellent vodkas and gins. Visit the adjacent Van Buren Room to try a cocktail mixed up with one of their fine spirits.

• Bodega Wine & Specialty Foods Market

Distance from Jackson Center: 43 miles/42 minutes

A sister to one of the best restaurants in Ohio – Coldwater Cafe – Bodego offers gourmet takeout, a huge selection of wine, snacks, beer, and other cold drinks.


• Purebred Coffee Co.: Troy, Ohio

Distance from Jackson Center: 36 miles/38 minutes

There's a lot to love about Troy, Ohio. Set on the picturesque Miami River, Troy is host to a vibrant downtown filled with coffee shops, restaurants, and shops where you can find everything from all-natural baby gear to fair-trade gifts from the developing world. If you like your coffee brewed with scientific attention to detail, Purebred is the place to be. From the hardwood floors and exposed brick to the smell of freshly ground beans and the din of conversation, Purebred Coffee Co. will check all the boxes.

• Winans: Various locations in Wapakoneta, Troy, and Piqua

Distance From Jackson Center: 16 miles/21 minutes

Winans Chocolates and Coffee is a Miami Valley mainstay. Come for the coffee, but stay for the handmade gourmet chocolates and candy.

• Boston Stoker: Various locations in Troy and Dayton

Distance from Jackson Center: 37 miles/37 minutes

The grandfather of gourmet, single-origin coffee in the Dayton area, Boston Stoker has been challenged of late by the up-and-comers. They're doing something right, though, and since their founding in 1973 they've expanded to multiple locations, driven by their passion for sourcing and roasting their own beans.


• ReU Juicery and Organic Kitchen: Troy, Ohio

Distance from Jackson Center: 36 miles/36 minutes

A relative newcomer to the scene, ReU Juicery offers a wide selection of fresh-pressed juice, as well as made-to-order plant-based meals. Using only the freshest and finest ingredients, ReU is a healthy and delicious alternative to fast food and processed meals.

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