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Like Airstream, Steele Canvas has a reputation for building high-quality products that stand the test of time. And like Airstream, they've been doing it for decades.

Founded in 1921 in Cambridge, Massachusetts, Steele Canvas manufactures a variety of dependable and durable home wares. But over a hundred years after the company first opened its doors, their soft-sided canvas baskets with bent steel frames are some of the most well-regarded products in the world of home organization. Whether holding throw pillows near the couch, bath towels within arm's reach of the shower, kids' toys in the playroom, or a bundle of wood by the fireplace, Steele Canvas baskets are as versatile as they are durable and dependable.

Now, our new partnership with Steele Canvas, connected by Airstreamer and professional organizer Traci Miller, brings this icon of home organization together with the world's most iconic recreational vehicles with a soft-sided canvas basket perfect for organizing your life on the road.

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Built using the same process that has guided Steele Canvas since its founding a hundred years ago, the Airstream + Steele Canvas Soft Sided Basket is made using cold-rolled recycled steel and heavy-duty #8 duck canvas. Using cutting and pressing machines dating to the 1960s, Steele Canvas products are handcrafted in the USA. Basket rims are welded and hand-hammered using an anvil, and canvas materials are laid out and cut by hand. The result is a process that's time-consuming and labor-intensive – and like the manufacturing of an Airstream, impossible to replicate through automation.

Featuring dimensions perfect for storing in most Airstream roof lockers and front-to-back runners that make it easy to load in and out, the Airstream + Steele Canvas Soft Sided Basket is perfect for organizing and transporting items from the home to the Airstream.

When Steele Canvas opened its doors in 1921, the goal was to make specialty canvas products for the New England coal and textile industry. Featuring durable canvas sides and strong steel frames, their baskets were perfect for transporting heavy loads. Their reputation for strong, dependable products and expert craftsmanship caught the attention of other industries, and soon Steele Canvas was making a name for itself beyond the coal and textile trades.

Steele Canvas and Airstream

Today, Steele Canvas is well-known in the world of home organization. Their baskets have been featured on blogs, in magazines, and on television and are sold by some of the finest retailers across the country. They can also be found behind the scenes at your local post office, where their soft-sided canvas baskets are used to organize and transport mail of shapes, sizes, and destinations.

Our partnership with Steele Canvas takes that legendary craftsmanship and quality to a new level, with a custom-built canvas basket that's perfectly sized for the majority of Airstream overhead roof lockers. Whether wrangling books, games, charging cords, or camping gear, or otherwise aiding you while carrying supplies from the house to the Airstream, our custom Airstream + Steel Canvas Soft-Sided Canvas Baskets are made for Airstreamers who want to keep things simple and organized.

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It features a handy stenciled pocket sewn into the front for keeping small items secure as well as front-to-back runners that make it easy to slide the basket in and out of your overhead locker. The basket is useful elsewhere in the Aistream (depending on your particular floor plan), fitting well in the organization space under our twin beds.

Two iconic brands. One dependable, durable, and useful product: The Airstream + Steele Canvas Soft Sided Canvas Basket.

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