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Founded in 1931, there are few brands today that have thrived for so long and continue a storied tradition of craftsmanship. While Zarges may not be known as well in the USA, the German company (with US offices in Charlotte, NC) is renowned for building durable, ergonomic, and beautiful aluminum utility cases. They even share with Airstream a riveted construction. Perfect for stowing your everyday towing gear, keeping pantry foods safe from critters big and small, or safely transporting any gear you want to bring along. They are – quite simply – the most robust and protective cases you can buy.

Pronounced "zar-guess", the legacy of Zarges stretches back nearly as far as Wally Byam's Airstream trailer company, to the company's founding in 1933 by Walther Zarges in Stuttgart. An innovator and entrepreneur, Zarges saw the potential for the application of aluminum outside the airline industry. He built ladders and cases made of aluminum, and nearly 90 years later those products are still the core of Zarges business.

Again, the Airstream parallels are uncanny. After WWII, Zarges saw a major boom, and the company developed a reputation for innovation. Today, the company continues its tradition of quality, craftsmanship, and innovation from their headquarters in Weilheim in Upper Bavaria and three production facilities in Europe.

Why Zarges?

    Airstream Supply Company is excited to offer five sizes of Zarges cases, plus a host of accessories to customize for your needs.

    Five Case Sizes

    Whatever you're packing, there's a Zarges case to protect it. Shop five sizes of premium aluminum cases (and a host of accessories) from Zarges.

    Zarges Small Aluminum Case Airstream


      Zarges Medium Aluminum Case Airstream


        Large Zarges Aluminum Case Airstream


          XXL Zarges Aluminum Case Airstream


            XXL Zarges Aluminum Case Airstream


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