"Babes in the Forest" Smokey Bear T-Shirt Youth

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The Landmark Project Kids
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"Babes in the Forest" Smokey Bear T-Shirt Youth


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It's never too early to learn that only you can prevent wildfires. Show your little one that fire prevention starts now with this t-shirt featuring the iconic image of Smokey Bear and one of his iconic sayings – "Be careful, there are babes in the forest."

This shirt was designed and produced by The Landmark Project, who create art-forward products that inspire people to experience the grand urge of the wild. As ace designers, they believe that if they're tenacious in illustrating the intangible qualities of the landscape, more people will begin to appreciate our public lands. And more voices will speak up for its care and preservation.  


Their garments are designed to be impossibly soft and surprisingly durable. They choose fabrics that not only stand up to life’s adventures, but also are manufactured by good people. People come first, and The Landmark Project will not exploit those who make their products, near or far.

All Smokey Bear products created by The Landmark Project are licensed through the US Forest Service, and a portion of the proceeds go toward funding wildfire prevention education. The Landmark Project has financially supported the US Forest service by raising over $35,000 for wildfire prevention education.

Kids sizing. 50/50 Cotton/Poly.

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