Trailer Connect Single Burner Firebox Bundle by MAGMA

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magma single burner
magma single burner
magma single burner
magma single burner
magma single burner
magma single burner
CO10-295 single burner Firebox storage case closed 3
10-776 LPG low pressure hose and regulator

Trailer Connect Single Burner Firebox Bundle by MAGMA

Single Burner Firebox
Padded Storage Case
Onboard Propane Connection Hose

Someone discovered how to make a fire. And then someone discovered how to make a Firebox. You might be equally grateful for both when you try the MAGMA Crossover Series Single Burner Firebox cooking system.

The brushed 304 stainless steel Single Burner Firebox features a 15,000 BTU burner with a built-in wind deflector to ensure a strong and efficient flame in any condition. Heading to the high country? The front control panel includes an innovative altitude adjustment system that ensures the flame stays consistent at different elevations. All handles and controls are made from durable, heat-resistant thermoplastic. A foldout food prep shelf comes with an FDA-approved cutting board insert that can be easily removed for cleaning. And that side shelf doubles as a lid, securing with a latch for easy transportation.

Use the Single Burner Firebox as a stove out of the box, placing any pot or saute pan on the cooking grate. It includes a cradle to hold a 1-lb disposable propane cylinder at a 35-degree angle. And this bundle offers the added benefit of an LPG low-pressure hose and regulator for connection to your Airstream travel trailer.

You can even transform your Firebox from stovetop to grill, to pizza oven, to plancha, to griddle with ease, thanks to an assortment of accessories (sold separately). When using these toppers, the Firebox collects excess grease in the back through a unique grease containment system, ensuring your area remains clean. 

Store and transport your Crossover Single Burner Firebox in MAGMA's luggage-quality padded storage and carrying case. Constructed from heavy-duty polyester nylon, it has thick internal padding for maximum protection, reinforced stitching, heavy-duty zippers, carrying handles, and a shoulder strap.

You could rub two sticks together and roast a hot dog over the result, and that's fun too ... the first few times. But when you're ready for real food on a real road trip, you'll appreciate the MAGMA Firebox bundle.

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