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Airstream + Sanuk

Airstream + Sanuk

Committed to Leaving it Beautiful

With headquarters near Santa Barbara, California, Sanuk knows a bit about laid back styles – and about having a good time. They work with their local chapters of the Surfrider's Foundation to spearhead beach cleanups, protect clean water, reduce plastic pollution, and defend the beautiful Southern California coastline. Like Airstream, Sanuk uses their ever-growing voice, passion, and community to champion awareness, amplify activism, and magnify environmental stewardship.

Founded in 1997 by Jeff Kelley, Sanuk has always had one simple goal: To make people smile, and pass it on. From their flip flops to classic yoga slings, Sanuk footwear is first and foremost fun. Manufactured with quality, environmentally-friendly materials, you can rest assured that you'll Leave it Beautiful on the road to your happy place.

Slip on Airstream-inspired footwear from our friends at Sanuk and start planning your next adventure. From comfy sidewalk surfers to flip flops and yoga slings, Airstream's footwear collection with Sanuk® is roadtrip-approved.


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