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The Iconic Pink Flamingo

One of the most recognizable symbols of American kitsch and retro design, plastic pink flamingos are a favorite way to add a little color to the campsite. First manufactured in 1957, today plastic flamingos are available in a variety of colors, designs, and sizes. They've been adopted by RV enthusiasts – especially those who travel in vintage units – and are often found lounging under Airstream awnings and flocking to vintage travel trailer rallies across the country.

Why have these kitschy pieces of yard art generated so much love in the Airstream community? Possibly because they harken back to the retro style of the 50s when they were invented. It could have something to do with the fact that – like the timeless design of the classic Airstream travel trailer – the plastic flamingo design hasn’t changed in over half a century. Or maybe it’s simply because they remind us of warmth, sunshine, and vacations in tropical locations.

Whether you want to add fluorescent flair to your campsite set up, or simply love these adorable pink symbols of sun and fun, shop our collection of flamingo favorites
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