Fresh Water Essentials Bundle

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Fresh Water

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Fresh Water Essentials Bundle

Zero-G RV + Marine Drinking Hose
Exterior In-Line Water Filter

Two RV Fresh Water Essentials in One Bundle

One kink-resistant, flexible fresh water hose and an RV water filter – save with our One-Click Bundle, or buy a la carte to customize to your needs.

Fresh Water

What's Included

  • Zero-G RV + Marine Drinking Hose
  • Exterior In-Line Water Filter


Zero-G RV + Marine Drinking Hose

  • 25 ft. hose
  • Tru-Flex Core minimizes kinking
  • High denisty, G-Force fiber sleeve provides durability equal to vinyl hoses
  • Remains flexible in cold weather
  • Ergonomic, crush-resistant couplings
  • Does not retract or expand

Exterior In-Line Water Filter

This exterior Inline Filter effectively reduces chlorine, tastes and odors, sediment and volatile organic chemicals. Includes an optional garden hose connection and no kink hose.

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