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Zamp Solar

Made in America in Bend, Oregon, the solar panel kits and accessories from Zamp Solar are a great way to add portable power options to your Airstream setup. Lightweight and easy to use, Zamp products quickly connect to your Airstream batteries – either through the pre-wired port included on Airstreams since 2019, or by simply clipping on to the battery terminals. Shop a wide variety of Zamp products: Now available on Airstream Supply Company.

Airstream and Zamp: A Shared Goal of Off-Grid Adventures

Wally Byam designed his first Airstream travel trailers with the goal of bringing travel freedom to anyone who desired to head out with all the comforts of home. He brought together technological advancements in innovative ways, and in 1958 introduced the Airstream International Travel Trailer line – the first self contained travel trailers that didn't require electric and water hookups. It wasn’t just about camping in something other than a tent – it was about traveling with complete independence, with the ability to go where you wanted and stay for as long as you liked in comfort.

While the designs, features, and improvements have evolved over the years, the goal of travel freedom hasn't changed. For over 90 years, Airstream has enabled people to go on adventures, make their dreams come true, and live their best life with fewer worries and more excitement. What has changed over the years is the technology that makes that freedom possible. Companies like Zamp Solar are leading the way toward smart solutions that help Airstreamers get further out there, stay out longer, and experience more. Their solar panels let Airstreamers get further off the beaten path, while keeping their batteries charged and ready to go.

Zamp Solar

Made in America, Built for the Long Haul

Today, Zamp Solar panels are used in all pre-installed rooftop Airstream solar packages. What’s more, since 2019, all Airstreams leave our Jackson Center, Ohio manufacturing facility with dedicated solar-ready hookups. Whether you're having your dealer install roof-mounted solar solutions or setting up a suitcase-style solar panel at the campsite, Zamp's wide array of rooftop and portable solar solutions make it easy for all Airstreamers to harness the power of the sun.

Even if your Airstream is an older model, attaching the connecting wires to one of Zamp's portable solar panels is a simple process similar to attaching alligator clips to jump-start your vehicle. Zamp's expert directions and top-notch customer service mean you can easily learn how to tailor your solar panel setup for your rig. For more information on using Zamp solar panels, browse Zamp's extensive knowledge base.

Zamp Solar

A Small Company with Big Ideas

Like Airstream, Zamp Solar is dedicated to innovation and craftsmanship. Their solar panels are made in America and assembled by dedicated craftspeople. Like an Airstream where every detail contributes to a durable, long-lasting, and exceptionally-built product, Zamp uses the highest quality materials and sweats over every step of the process.

Airstream started its life as a company because Wally Byam wanted to give his then-wife Marion a way to camp without sleeping on the hard ground. Zamp Solar has similarly humble origins, beginning in a garage in 2010 and selling their products on eBay. They grew quickly, and by 2015 were operating out of a 20,000 square-foot facility in Bend, Oregon – one of the only solar manufacturing plants in the country. In 2021, Zamp was acquired by Dometic – manufacturer of RV air conditioners, furnaces, vents, and more – bringing together expertise across a wide variety of outdoor products.

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