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How to Install Basecamp Padded Window Covers

Basecamp 16 and 20 Standard Models

Adhesive (No-Drill) Snap Installation Instructions

In addition to reading these instructions below, you can view a video of the installation process available here.

Step 1. Prepare the cover by snapping the adhesive snaps onto the existing snaps on the back of the cover, except for in the top center. Top center is indicated by the label. Do no remove the paper backing yet.

Also, install the provided adhesive velcro in the outside corners of the trailer window. This velcro is only temporary and will be used to help hold the cover in place during the installation process.

Basecamp Window Cover Installation

Step 2. Locate center on the top and bottom of the window. Install tape at the center on the metal frame just outside the window, and mark a line on the tape to indicate the exact center positions, top and bottom.

Step 3. Determine the position of the top center snap using the provided cardboard template. Hold the template at the upper edge of the window, and align the center line of the template with the center line you made on the tape. Secure the template in this position using additional tape. Run the tape vertically up to the metal window frame, so that you can still lift up the template to clean the window

Step 4. VERY IMPORTANT. Clean the window surface thoroughly as described below before applying the snap. For the first snap, lift the template up to clean underneath.

It is EXTREMELY IMPORTANT to clean the window surface well before applying the adhesive snaps. The cleaning process below is to remove the OIL RESIDUE and dirt from the road, which can be hard to see and may not be obvious. If you do not follow the steps below fully, you may just be pushing road oil and dirt around rather than removing it. This can cause snap failure.

  1. Use a dry paper towel to wipe the area to remove any oil or grime that you can.
  2. Use Windex and a new paper towel to clean the area again. The Windex will help loosen additional oils and debris.
  3. IMPORTANT! Use the provided alcohol pad now to thoroughly clean the area again.
  4. Final step. Wipe the area you just cleaned again with a new dry paper towel to ensure all hidden oils are removed.

Step 5. Apply the top center snap. With the template in place, remove the paper backing on the adhesive snap, and place it in the center hole of the template.

IMPORTANT: The adhesive on the snaps is pressure sensitive. After applying, you need to press firmly all around the snap – around all the edges and in the center– for a good 10-15 seconds. Sufficient pressure is necessary to obtain good adhesion.

Step 6. With a helper, place the cover onto the window using the previously applied adhesive velcro to hold it in place. The single top snap is not strong enough to support the entire cover, so you will need to use the velcro at this stage. Adjust the position of the cover up and down and side to side until you can snap the top center snap in place and until the cover is smooth and sits evenly around the entire window.

With the cover in place, peek behind the cover to examine the remaining snap locations to be sure the adhesive snaps will land on the window, not on the metal window frame outside the window.

Step 7. Now install the bottom center snap by repeating steps 4 and 5. DO NOT remove the snap from the cover to install it. Keep the snap on the cover, remove the backing, and press on it firmly against the window from the outside of the cover.

Step 8. Continue working outward from center, installing snaps one at a time, alternating top and bottom. Repeat steps 4 and 5 for each snap.

Step 9. When done with snap installation, carefully remove the cover from the window. After removing the cover, press firmly for several seconds on each snap again, to make sure they are firmly adhered to the window. Remove the temporary adhesive velcro from the window. If any adhesive residue from the
velcro remains, remove it with rubbing alchol, or, if needed, Goo Gone or a similar adhesive remover, which can be purchased at any hardware store.

Step 10. The following is recommended in all temperatures, but for sure in temperatures 50 degrees F and below: Allow the snaps to sit in the sunlight without the cover on for a handful of days to help provide warmth to promote full adhesion.

Basecamp 16X and 20X: X-Package Models

You can view a video of the cover installation on YouTube here

PLEASE NOTE: Allow yourself some time to practice putting the cover on. Read the tips below before you put it on the first time. The cover has a tight fit to help it stay securely in place. It will be difficult to put on the first time or two, but rest assured, it will be easy once you’ve done it a couple of times.

You will need a three-step step stool or small ladder that allows you to see over the top of the windows. Installation will be easier with two people, but can also be accomplished alone.


Where the windows meet, the corners of the windows are extremely sharp. The cover is reinforced at this point, but it is recommended to go over the very corners of the windows with fine grit (400) sand paper to reduce the extreme sharpness of the corner. We have provided a small piece of sand paper for this purpose. You only need to sand the very corners of the windows (top and bottom) where the metal framing meets.

Basecamp X Installation


1. Start with the top hinges. On one side, use your stool to position the cover so that you are able to pass the rope behind the hinge and through the lower grommet on the cover. Then squeeze the cord lock and pass the rope through the lock. The cover should now be held in place on that hinge. The rope should not be tight – just so the cover can’t fall to the ground.

2. Firmly tug and pull the cover around to the opposite side, and fasten the rope behind the other top hinge. It will take some effort to pull the cover into place to get the rope fastened on the opposite side. Again, it does not need to be tight – just so it is loosely held in place on the window. Leave the bottom hinge ropes unfastened for now.


Starting at the top outer corners (where the hinges are), pull the elastic pocket around the top corners of the windows. Then work in the middle top area to make sure the elastic pocket rests on top of the windows and is not tucked behind itself. Once the corners are in place, tighten the rope behind the top hinges to help keep things in place.

Next move to the bottom middle window and work out from the middle to the corners, pulling the elastic pocket around the bottom of the windows. When you get to the corners, loosely fasten the rope behind the bottom hinges, just as you did for the top hinges.

While working on the lower part of the windows, the elastic on the top may partially pop off....just go back and put it in place. You will need to go back and forth a bit between top and bottom of the window until the elastic pocket rests outside the window all the way around.

The bottom corners will be the hardest part. Once bottom corners are in place, secure the rope behind the bottom hinges as you did for the top hinges.

Finally, make sure the elastic that runs vertically between the windows is resting as much as possible in between the windows. You may need to tug the cover left or right a bit.

Basecamp X Window Cover Instructions


Tighten the cord behind the hinges to a tight fit, and secure the cord end by twisting it around itself and back through the lower grommet.

Basecamp X Window Cover Tighten Instructions
Finally – tug on the cover to make sure it is firmly in place.


For a printable page of instructions, please click here

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