Folding Chair by Zip Dee

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AIRMKT eCom PN 41145W-08 Zip Dee Chair

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AIRMKT eCom PN 41145W-08 Zip Dee Chair
Airstream Custom Zip Dee Chairs Sitting Outside Airstream

Folding Chair by Zip Dee


Select Chair Fabrics
Select Chair Fabrics
Charcoal Tweed [Flying Cloud | Safari]
Putty [International Serenity]
Grey Black White Stripe [Classic]
Dark Pencil Gray [Caravel]
Cadet Grey [Bambi]
Tillman Shale [Globetrotter]
Select Size
Select Size
Standard 14.5"
Wide 16.25"

Since 1967, the Zip Dee company has manufactured high-quality Airstream awnings. Now, you can enjoy the same functional beauty of your Airstream's awning in the form of these beautiful, rugged camping chairs. Utilizing the same weather-resistant fabric as that used in their awning, these rugged camping chairs from Zip Dee easily fold up to only two inches thick. Lightweight and durable, these chairs are the perfect addition to your Airstream patio.

Leading the industry with their use of stainless steel components and bright, colorful fabrics, Zip Dee products are hand-finished in Illinois and woven from tough, American-made acrylic fabric that resists rotting, peeling, cracking, and mildew.

The folding chair is lightweight, easy to store, comfortable and well built. The durable frames are made of chrome-plated steel.
Airstream trusts Zip Dee to make their awnings, and these chairs deserve the same seal of approval


  • Lightweight,
  • Easy to fold
  • Chrome-plated steel frame
  • Easy to store
  • Folding size of 22" x 23" x 2" for the standard chair or 24" x 23" x 2" for the wide chair
  • Weight: 8 pounds.
Trusted by Airstream for over 50 years, Zip Dee products are made in America and built to last.

Chose from the same fabrics used in Zip Dee awnings


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