Lightweight Camping Tables by KUMA Outdoor Gear

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kuma tables
kuma bear necessity table
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Lightweight Camping Tables by KUMA Outdoor Gear


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While any campsite worth its salt has a picnic table, having a portable table around can revolutionize your camp experience. Set up a board game, use it for food prep or to hold the table-top grill, or stage your gear for the afternoon's adventures. Whatever you use a campsite table for, the most important feature is stability. And the lightweight Camping Tables from KUMA are not only stable, but easy to set up, and super portable.



With its innovative design, the aluminum top table is lightweight and packs up small. The roll-top design is easy to set up, and the sturdy, snap-tight legs are ready for just about any load.

Available in two sizes:

  • Medium size: "Bear Necessity" table (Dimensions: 42.25” W x 27.5” H x 28” D)
  • Large size: "Big Bear" table (Dimensions: 56” W x 27.5” H x 27.5” D).
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