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Add color, style, and personality to your Airstream travel trailer's interior décor with our Custom Replacement Curtains and matching pillows and placemats. Hand-made by experienced associates from Airstream's in-house sewing department, our curtain packages are easy to install in a few simple steps. Choose from six different fabric patterns and a variety of coverage packages custom-made to perfectly fit your windows.

Currently available for Bambi, Caravel, Flying Cloud, and International model lines, our curtain packages are made by hand and can take 4-6 weeks for production after you place an order. We're working to add more model lines in the coming months.

Six Patterns to Choose From

Our Custom Replacement Curtains and matching softgoods come in six different colorful patterns – from bold graphic prints featuring everyone's favorite flamingo to subtle patterns that accentuate the interior styling of your Airstream. Choose one pattern for all your windows, or mix and match complementary patterns to add even more variety.


Once you've selected your curtain pattern, choose your window coverage. Select from Front Panoramic, Rear Panoramic, or Full Trailer Package that covers all available windows.

(Please note: Depending on your Airstream floor plan, not all packages are available. Custom Replacement Curtain packages are currently only available for Flying Cloud, Bambi and Caravel).

Easy to Install

In just a few simple steps, you'll remove your old curtains and install your new curtain package. Watch our How-To Video and see how easy it is to add color and style to your Airstream window coverings.

Step By Step Installation

Step 1: Prepare Your Space

The only tool you need is a Phillips screwdriver. The first step is to remove any obstacles (like cushions) from the curtain area. Then unsnap the four buttons that hold the curtains to the wall.


Step 2: Remove End Caps and Slide Our Curtain Glides

Using a Phillips screwdriver, carefully remove the screws from the ends of the curtain rails and remove the plastic end caps by pulling down.


Step 3: Install New Curtains

Carefully slide the curtain glides of your new curtains into the curtain rails, again alternating between top and bottom for best results.


When all the curtain glides have been slid into the curtain rails, gently press the plastic end cap back onto the curtain rail and re-secure the end cap with the screw. Finish by snapping the buttons in place.

placeholder curtains 2

Mix and Match Styles

Our Custom Curtain Packages are made with patterns and colors that complement each other. Select a Front Panoramic Window package in one pattern, and a Rear Window Package in a different pattern to create a dynamic décor that fits your personal style.

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