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Jasper, AB, Canada

When it comes to camp furniture, details draw the line where lasting quality begins. Learn more about KUMA Outdoor Gear™ – our favorite camp furniture with quality to spare. 

There’s something intangible about judging camp furniture – no checklist to follow beyond portable, lightweight, durable, and comfortable. These are qualities shared by many brands (and absent from as many more). It's the details that elevate good to great, and with the camp furniture from KUMA Outdoor Gear, we found camp furniture that's expertly designed, well-built, and versatile enough for just about any use – from the campsite to the back porch and everything in between.

First and foremost, a camp chair should be versatile. Around the campfire you want something comfortable, with cup holders and places to stow your gear. The same is likely true if you're tailgating or relaxing on the back porch. But if you're hauling gear to the beach or into an outdoor concert venue, you'll likely want something lightweight and easy to carry. There are as many different uses for camp furniture as there are types of people – some want a cushy seat, others want a rocker. And don't forget kids and pets with their own requirements. The furniture from KUMA excelled at all the basics – and delighted us with the surprising details done right.

From the moment we unfolded our KUMA gear and settled in around the fire, it was obvious we were – quite literally – sitting on a winner. 

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Like Airstream, KUMA takes product development, engineering, and comfortable luxury seriously. Their products exceeded at the basics, and introduced several features we didn’t know we wanted – like skid-free materials on the feet and heavy duty joints and pivot points. They've taken that same mentality forward into more campsite products, like waste bins, camp mats, and propane fire bowls.

With decades of experience in the outdoor industry and the outdoor playground of Jasper, Alberta – nestled high in the glacial Canadian Rockies – KUMA puts premium quality at the forefront of everything they make. Always looking to refine their already expert designs, KUMA builds camp furniture that just feels right from the moment you unpack it.



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