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Jasper, AB, Canada

There’s something ethereal about judging camp furniture. From the moment you unfold the equipment, to when you relax into the chair or set up a meal on the portable table, to the point when you pack up to head home, there are numerous unquantifiable moments that coalesce into a judgement. As soon as we set up the camp furniture and accessories from KUMA Outdoor Gear – lightweight tables, super-sturdy camp chairs, and outdoor enclosures that keep the bugs away from the fun – we knew we had a “thumbs up” on our hands.



At Airstream, we like to think we’re experts in camp furniture. We’ve relaxed, roasted marshmallows, played guitar around a campfire, and looked up at the stars in dozens of camp chairs over the years. We've dragged firewood in rolling gear wagons with the wheels falling off, and we've field tested more outdoor mats that we know what to do with. We know when camp furniture excels at the basics (easy setup, stability, and comfort), the features that camp chairs can’t do without (cupholders, comfortable armrests at the right height), and we’ve raised our eyebrows at plenty of amenities too.

When we discovered KUMA Outdoor Gear, we knew we were dealing with a company that took product development, engineering, and comfort seriously. Their products exceeded all the requirements on our checklists – and introduced several features we didn’t know we wanted. With decades of experience in the outdoor industry and the outdoor playground of Jasper, Alberta just a stone's throw from their headquarters, KUMA puts premium quality at the forefront of their outdoor gear. Always looking to refine their already expert designs, KUMA builds camp furniture that just feels right from the moment you unpack it.



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