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Welcome to the Airstream family. You're joining thousands who've taken the plunge into the Airstreaming life. Since 1931, Airstream has been perfecting the art of self-contained travel without limits. There's simply no better way to travel, with all the comforts of home and the freedom to choose your own destinations and routes. Your Airstream combines the best of what automobiles, homes, and boats have to offer in one package. But like automobiles, homes, and boats, there's equipment, gear, and time-tested techniques that ensure every trip is successful and memorable.

Expert Airstream Guides

Written by an experienced Airstreamer, these guides will get you off on the good foot and ensure you have the knowledge you need to hit the road on your first – or hundredth – trip.

If you're new to Airstreaming, there are some essential items you need to pack every time you hit the road. The good news is that many of these items are durable enough to last for many seasons – if not for the long life of your trailer or motorhome.

Start Here: Must-Have Airstream Accessories

    At the Campsite

    Airstream travel trailers come equipped with leveling jacks that eliminate wobbles as you walk around inside your Airstream. But these leveling jacks only support stability after you've leveled your Airstream where it's parked. Leveling pads help with adjustments on uneven ground, and a good set of tire chocks ensure that your trailer doesn't move once you have it leveled.

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    Airstream x Every Mile Creative

    Your new Airstream comes with a variety of equipment and tools that are essential to ensuring your trip goes off without a hitch. This includes your sewer hose, fresh water hose, and an electrical cord (commonly referred to as a "cordset") to hook up to shore power when you're at the campsite. But if you should ever need to replace any of these RV basics, Airstream Supply Company is well stocked.

    Airstream Ecomm.-3

    Mattresses and Sheets

    Airstream Supply Company is excited to offer a wide variety of bedding solutions. Stock your Airstream with high-thread count sheets, pillow cases, mattress toppers, and airflow pads. We even offer custom-made mattresses if you ever need to replace one. With so many products, we've created an Airstream Mattress + Sheets Guide (click here). And don't forget about your furry friend's bed too – we've got a custom-designed dog bed that fits under the dinette (and relies on modern human sleep science to perfect its cushioning system).

    Dog Beds and Pet Accessories

    McCoy Resize Barebones WFA LFA0004

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    Meal Prep and Serving

    One of the best things about your Airstream is that you can stock it with all your gear so it's ready to head out on a moments notice. Sure, you can lug silverware, plates, and pots and pans out from your brick-and-mortar kitchen, but investing in dedicated tools, kitchen essentials, and servingware means you never have to worry about packing those items again.

    With an Airstream, you really can bring along everything – and the kitchen sink. In RV-speak, the onboard kitchen is called a galley. But this space in an Airstream is far more than a simple shipboard cooking space. Depending on the Airstream model, your galley comes equipped with an oven, microwave, sink, refrigerator, and gas cooktop.

    Remember that you're pulling a house down the highway. Potholes, sudden swerves to avoid debris, and changes in speed can jostle objects inside their cabinets. Stock your Airstream galley with sturdy, shatter-proof plates, cups, and bowls to ensure they arrive in one piece at the campsite. Take along a nice cast iron skillet and it'll double up on duties if you decide to cook over the open campfire. Stock your silverware drawer with American-made silverware, handmade wooden spoons, and cork bowls that are both sustainable and practical.

    Treat Your Tanks

    We answer the call to natural spaces because because they calm us, rejuvenate us, and inspire us. But there's another "call of nature" that none of us can avoid. Luckily our Airstreams come equipped with all the comforts of home – including an on-board bathroom (a "lavatory" in or simply "lavy" in RV parlance), sink, and shower. Keep your toilet fresh, and ensure your black tank below is in good working condition with toilet chemicals and RV-friendly toilet paper. A clear plastic sewer hose adapter is a godsend for ensuring your black tank is completely empty. And when it comes time to empty the black tank, you'll be happy you invested in a box of disposable gloves.

    Your adventure – and your questions

    Your new Airstream comes with the promise of high adventure and memorable experiences, but you're likely facing a fair amount of questions too as you plan your first road trip.

      While the learning curve may feel daunting, rest assured that with practice, the fine art of Airstream living becomes second nature. You'll begin to see the setup and tear-down tasks, the simple maintenance checks, and the process of hitching up as an essential and fulfilling part of the experience. Like the captain of ship at sea, you are in charge of your destiny. Your destination is wherever you want it to be, and the folks along for the ride are your crew. Everyone works together to make the trip happen, and through teamwork the value of the experience increases.

      You'll also learn that the Airstreamer community is one of the most helpful resources for solving everyday issues. That includes the Airstream Support, where you can search for solutions to hundreds of common questions, and get help from the experts at Airstream's headquarters in Jackson Center, Ohio.

      We've also drawn on the recommendations of Airstreamers around the world to glean helpful tips and recommend the gear they can't travel without. And we've rounded up our favorite essentials from across Airstream Supply Company here in this handy Beginner's Guide to Airstreaming, organized into helpful lists that'll get you out on the road quicker and save you time and energy in the long run.

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