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For many in North America, fall is the season when we begin to think about packing up our camping life for the winter. While some can endure through the winter months is warmer climes, winterization is a reality for many Airstreamers every year.

Now, you can hire a professional to winterize your travel trailer or touring coach, but it's an easier DIY project than many think. More than simply emptying the water out of your Airstream's system, winterization is an easy process that buttons up your camper and readies it for storage.


For winterization help, Airstream created a step by step guide to winterizing your travel trailer (as well as a guide to winterizing your Airstream motorhome). Here at Airstream Supply Company, we have several winterization products that will help you ready your Airstream for winter. For even more information on winterization, see this article at Airstream Academy.



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